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There are several very good dental education sites for patients.  One of the best is the American Dental Association website.  The ADA has much information available as a pdf download.   Another very good web site is the Academy of General Dentistry.  If you are looking for medical information first try Medline, this site is maintained by the Nation Library of Medicine.  An interesting site that checks questionable treatments and claims is Quackwatch.  If you hear someone make an outrageous claim, this is the place to find whether there is any science behind the claim.  On the web the patient may can find much good information, but there is also dubious information out there. If one sticks to reputable sites, then one can be safe with that information.



If you have just moved to this area or have lived here all your life the following sites may be of interest to you.   If you wish to explore Flat Rock the first place you would go would be Flat Rock Online a web site maintained by the merchants in the area,  this lists all the shops, dining areas and activities available in Flat Rock.  If you are interested in entertainment visit the Flat Rock Playhouse web site to see what shows you may wish to see. 

If you are interested in the history of Flat Rock, this information if also available online.  Of course a significant part of the history is the National Historic Site, the Carl Sandburg Home. Another site in the historic vein is the Johnson Farm owned by the Henderson County School system. This is not located in Flat Rock, but is a short drive away near West High School.

Two other sites of interest would be the Village of Flat Rock and the Travel and Tourism website. and Historic Flat Rock, Inc.



Since we all live in such a beautiful area we must be diligent to see that it stays that way.  Two local organizations that have strived to work to maintain and protect our area are the Environmental Conservation Organization and the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.  ECO works to keep our air and water quality to the highest standards as well as working to instill better stewardship of our resources.  The Conservancy encourages land owners  to protect their land and helps to place protective easements on our land.

Nearby in addition to the Pisgah National Forest, Holmes State Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway we have Dupont State Forest, another jewel in this area.